Nutcracker Day/July 7, 2018

Event Address
Nutcracker Museum
735 Front Street
Leavenworth, WA 98826

This is a day to honor nutcrackers!          EVENT HOURS: 11am to 4pm


2017  Kid's Nutcracker Making Contest Winners


First Place - Grades 1 through 6


Olyn Schultz

The nut is placed under the dowel in a pit on the base, then is cracked when the stone hammer strikes the top of the dowel.

Second Place ~ Grades 1 through 6


Kaia Tande, Eliza Tveton, Naomi Tveton

A rock is tied between two sticks which are fastened to a hinge. This forms a lever which will drop the rock onto the nut.

First Place ~ Grades 7 though 9


Cate Bailey

The nut is cracked between two pieces of petrified wood when the pressure from the spring is released.

Second Place ~ Grades 7 through 9


Estefaney Vazquez, Karina Alejandre

The nut is placed in a recessed circle on the large block and is cracked as the smaller block slides down the dowels.

First Place ~ Grades 10 through 12


James Young, Luke Hafermann

A very creative nutcracker! The sloth, with weighted head, slides down the tree trunk cracking the hard shell of the nut.

Second Place  ~ Grades 10 through 12


Will Piers

The eagle head and neck is lifted and nut is placed inside the hole carved in the body. Striking the head will then crack the nut.




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735 Front Street
Leavenworth, WA 98826


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Our Mission Statement:

"To foster and encourage the interest of the general public of the importance of nuts in the diets of humans throughout history and in the evolution of the nutcracker. No other tool or collectible has shown such a wide diversity of material and design as the implements used to crack the hard shell of a nut".

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