Nutcracker Day/July 7, 2018

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Nutcracker Museum
735 Front Street
Leavenworth, WA 98826

This is a day to honor nutcrackers!          EVENT HOURS: 11am to 4pm

More on How They Work...   


Nutcrackers are generally categorized as Percussion, Lever and Screw.


Percussion1_E.jpg With the percussion, a striking motion breaks the nut.  This could be done with metal hammers, wooden mallets or other tools.
  Lever nutcrackers can use either direct or indirect pressure.  When two pieces of wood or mental are joined together with a hinge or other devise that allows the levers to turn, this part is called the “fulcrum”.  When the nut is cracked between the fulcrum and your hand, the nut is cracked with direct pressure. 
 Indirect_nutcrackers2.jpg  Indirect pressure is best explained by looking at pair of pliers.  Here the nut is cracked on the other side of the fulcrum, away from your hand.  The familiar wooden toy soldier nutcracker is a good example of indirect pressure action.
 screw_mechanism1.jpg The screw mechanism gives you greater control when cracking a nut.  It is easier to get a whole kernel with the screw type than with the crushing blow of a hammer or the forceful compression of the lever types.
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"To foster and encourage the interest of the general public of the importance of nuts in the diets of humans throughout history and in the evolution of the nutcracker. No other tool or collectible has shown such a wide diversity of material and design as the implements used to crack the hard shell of a nut".

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